B.S. Physics, M.S. Applied Mathematics, B.B.A. MIS, University of Houston. Graduate-level Physics courses completed include Advanced Classical Mechanics, General Relativity, and Mathematical Physics.

Mr. Couch has demonstrated repeatedly his ability to guide any motivated student into a deep understanding of Physics.

Mr. Couch's teaching methods include the following:

Concepts before Mathematical Minutia

Real World Applications of Physics Principles

Visual Demonstrations

Computer Simulations of  Physical Dynamics

Interactive Dialogue with Students

Demonstration of Common Problem-Solving Methods

Working Many Example Problems

 Practice, Practice, Practice

Teaching / Tutoring Experience

Teaching Methods

About Me

Charles Vince Couch, Physics Teacher & Tutor 

(Mr. Couch and daughter present Physics show at Space Center Houston, Pi Day 2015)


College Physics Tutor & Teacher

Mr. Couch is currently a Physics Instructor for a college preparatory school in Houston, TX. His teaching curriculum includes calculus-based Classical Mechanics (AP/college level), Electricity and Magnetism (AP/college level), and general high school Physics (junior level). He has 3.5 years' of classroom instruction experience, approximately 4 years' of private tutoring experience and over 25 years’ experience applying mathematics in industry.